Aesthetically, the iJoy Limitless XL Tank has a lot going on. Normally, I’m not a fan of busy designs, but this one works for me. The “X” that covers the chimney appeals to the comic-book nerd in me (essentially, all of me); I can totally see Charles Xavier vaping on this tank. The fan-blade-like airflow controller looks sweet. When coupled with the light-up coil, it looks like something I shouldn’t put my finger in…but do anyway.

The beauty of this product is its versatility. While the dual-coil deck looks great, I see myself using the single-coil deck for flavor and the light-up coil for personal enjoyment. I love how the iJoy Limitless XL Tank appeals to a broad range of vapers, both in terms of vaping style and experience level. What do you think of this RTA? Which mode do you see yourself using the most? Share your thoughts on the iJoy Limitless XL Tank in the comments section.

[This section heading was inspired by Debby Boone.]

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