The iJoy MAXO V12 is strikingly similar to the TFV12 by SMOK, also known as the Cloud Beast King. I can’t help but look at this tank and compare the two. They’re both suitable for vaping at high wattages, similar in price and features which will make this decision even more difficult.

The MAXO V12 has a spring-loaded 510, something that the TFV12 does not talk about. I don’t know for sure if the Cloud Beast King has one either, but they probably would have mentioned it on the site. Other than that, they also both come in silver, black, “glod” and rainbow.

I’m not sure if “glod” was a typo, or if it is some type of gold that is only indigenous to China. Either way, the tank looks pretty dope, even if it is just a TFV12 with an X slapped on it.

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