OK, thankfully, the IJOY 5 survived the drop test.

The coil install goes as expected with the velocity deck, and the two included staple coils came in at 0.19Ω. I really don’t like that IJOY uses tiny Phillips head grub screws and was worried about stripping the heads as I secured the coils.

To wick, you must first remove the bottom airflow ring which surrounds the deck. It’s a two-step process: remove a setscrew from the side of the ring and rotate the ring about 90 degrees to remove. Next, wick your coils and run the cotton tails down the four (two for single coil) channels in the side of the deck. Replace the ring, twist 90 degrees and reinstall the setscrew.

I understand the need for the setscrew: it keeps the ring from turning when you adjust your side airflow, but I dropped the screw (clumsy much?) and had to search for it. I am not a fan, and a lot of folks are going to lose the screw. Worst case, you can still use the atty without the screw, just make sure that you only turn the AFC clockwise so the ring doesn’t loosen.

Anyway, on with the show.

I’ve been itching to use my Revenant Cartel 160 and the dual 3 mm staples seem worthy. I was also happy that the swirling purple drip tip on the RDTA 5 sort of matched the resin body of my predominately purple Revenant. How serendipitous, considering that you cannot choose the color of either. Regardless, the black RDTA 5 looks badass atop the Revenant.

I remove the top cap to fill, and this is where the RDTA 5 shines. There is a fill tube rising from the center of the deck. Just insert your bottle tip or dropper into the tube, squeeze, and watch the tank fill. Replace the cap and it plugs the tube. It is one of the easiest fill methods I’ve used.

The Revenant chipset detected my 0.19Ω build using its “Smart VW” feature and it set the wattage at 80 watts. OK, I’m in.

Bottom and side air wide open, I take my first vape thinking it may be a bit too hot (for me) and find that the RDTA 5 is surprisingly cool. More accurately, not as hot as I expected. It’s nice, with a LOT of vapor and good flavor, and the resin tip never got hot.

I was enjoying the vape so much that it pained me to remove one of the coils and replace it with the deck plug, but the review would be incomplete without vaping the RDTA 5 in single coil mode.

With one of the supplied staple coils coming in at around 0.4Ω the Revenant Cartel mod set the power to just under 50 watts. Once again, I roll with it and get a warm, satisfying vape. A bit less vapor, but really good flavor.

Make no mistake, this ain’t an Origen Little or other smallish RDA. It’s a big tank with a good-sized chamber. Still, I found that the RDTA 5 performed quite well in single coil mode.

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