In the last year, iJoy has really put itself out there in the name of innovation, most notably with its polarizing all-in-one RDTA Box Mod. Depending on who you asked, that device was either the greatest, most versatile mod available, or an oversized, ugly, unwieldy epitome of vape excess. (Full transparency: I’m in the former group.)

The original RDTA Box certainly stood out against of a slew of smaller, more streamlined competitors. But, what it lacked in subtlety, it more than made up for in customization and performance. With a collection of interchangeable build decks, 12 mL e-liquid capacity, and 200 watts (with firmware upgrade) power, the RDTA Box was an unapologetic, formidable success in 2016.

But iJoy seems to be listening to customer complaints about size, as evidenced by its newest creation, the 100W iJoy RDTA Box Mini (heretofore, “the Mini”). This ultra-portable all-in-one keeps its big brother’s spirit alive, and has a few nifty new tricks up its sleeve.

As we know, tricks alone do not a good vape make. So, how does it perform overall? You’re just gonna have to read on…

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