Limitless appears to have a problem with the iJoy Combo RDTA. According to the company, “The interchangeable post for the RDTA was a design concept developed by Limitless Mod Co.” In addition to having an issue with iJoy allegedly stealing the design, the company has taken umbrage to the marketing of the atomizer. The iJoy Combo RDTA press release I received earlier this week had the subject line, “Limitless Fun For Builders,” and contained the text, “Imagination is limitless, Design is limitless, COMBO is limitless.”

On posts on its official Facebook and Instagram pages, Limitless professionally states its claim. Additionally, the company is using the tagline, “Stay Authentic Stay Limitless.” The implication is that its (former?) partner has stolen the design and used it for the iJoy Combo RDTA.

Limitless gets arguably unprofessional (though certainly entertaining) in its social media replies on Instagram and Facebook. Here’s my favorite bit:

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