I started off using the 0.8-Ohm coil. Using one of my favorite 50/50 juices I started vaping at the dull blue 16 W. Nice flavor, slightly warm vapor, and a decent amount of clouds. Playing around with the wattage settings, I found that the coil will even handle 30 W. Although, I wouldn’t recommend doing it for a longer period. It will decrease the lifespan of the coil. My personal preference with the 0.8-Ohm coil is 18 W.

The 1.5-Ohm coil is rated for 13-14 W but in my opinion, you can easily go with 16 W as well. At least Innokin isn’t overrating their coils like other companies. Going higher doesn’t feel right, it gets too warm. At 16 W I get way more flavor than on the lower settings. I changed my liquid to Dinner Lady Apple Pie and it’s working very well even with a higher viscosity.

The airflow is almost perfect for MTL vaping. It’s a little bit airier than the T20 tank. I would really like to have an adjustable airflow in the future though.

The 1500 mAh battery lasts me for about a day. Charging it at night, vaping throughout the day. I noticed that the battery indicator that’s implemented in the power button could be brighter. It’s hard to tell where the battery life is at without specifically looking for it.

The Prism T20S doesn’t leak at all. Its predecessor sometimes had the problem that it leaked through the 510-pin. This problem is now resolved by changing the airflow.

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