Innokin rarely skimp when it comes to product presentation and the Kroma kit is no exception. On first impressions, the whole kit looks very nicely designed. Our sample came in a sporty white finish with an orange swoosh motif built into the glass housing of the OLED display. I was immediately reminded of another famous brand that uses a swoosh. Vaping and feeling sporty while doing it? A first, for me at least.

The paired slipstream tank offers a TPD-compliant 2 mL capacity and screws into the recess of the Kroma mod. This makes for a low profile – 96 mm in fact. The tank features a top-fill and coil system similar to the OSUB One Kit or the Helmet Nano from SMOK. I have my personal gripes with refilling, overflowing and general mess with this system. But, if you use the enclosed 0.8 ohm kanthal coilhead and stay with the range you won’t be going over 35 W so it’s not like you’ll be burning through the juice.

One complaint I have is that the e-liquid window on the slipstream tank doesn’t line up accurately with the window slot of the tank itself. The entire visual aesthetic is lost a bit when basic features like this don’t quite bring it home. I tried a second Slipstream tank and it also didn’t line up completely right. I guess we can put it down to inconsistent machining, which is a shame, because it spoils an otherwise beautiful little kit.

The other issue I have is with the tank adapter. The adapter is a great idea, since it extends what tank or RBA the mod can support. The enclosed key helps a lot with screwing and unscrewing the adapter, since the profile is so low. I found that the surface of the adapter doesn’t sit flush with the top of the mod, and you can see a gap in the tank window. First world problems, I know. Still, room for improvement.

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