Judging from appearances alone, it is easy to mistake Innokin’s latest Pocketmod Starter Kit for an ordinary cosmetic lipstick. This is likely a deliberate design choice by the brand, in an attempt to appeal to a more feminine market. It certainly does seem to be targeted towards women in particular.

This is the second time we are seeing a mod with this styling, following the release of the similarly fashioned Lady Q starter kit released earlier this year. The mods actually share comparable functional features as well, with the Pocketmod housing a 2 mL e-juice tank, supplied with coils rated to 0.35 Ohms or 1.2 Ohms. (The Lady Q falls just short of this, with a 1.5 mL e-juice tank and coils rated to 0.7 Ohms.)

Where the Pocketmod is far superior to the Lady Q is the battery capacity – boasting a 2000 mAh installed cell, in place of the rather puny 1000 mAh cell used by Artery Vapor. This means that users are guaranteed excellent running times at low powers, which is a major plus in terms of overall convenience.

Another great feature of this unit is the inclusion of a top cap. The top cap offers an added degree of cleanliness and sanitisation to the mod – further enhancing its portability.

Suitable for MTL and DL vapers, this chic and simple starter kit is primarily for previous smokers looking for an e-cig alternative. And given its budget-friendly price point and discreet design, it should be a reasonable success among vape beginners.

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