Is vaping safe? Merriam-Webster defines safe as free from harm or risk. So, no, vaping is not safe. Neither is eating pretzels. Ask former President George W. Bush about that. Very few products or activities can ever offer guarantees of being “safe.”

But it’s understandable for concerned parents, curious observers, and skeptics to approach the topic of vaping from a perspective of “safety.” People often demand safety from things they’re unfamiliar with — even as they forget that they themselves engage in activities daily that are not safe.

But those things — like driving, for example — are familiar, and people are willing to accept some risk for the benefits they deliver. Concerns about absolute safety should lead to acceptance of the relative safety of vaping. That should come with education about the fairly low risks of vaping.

Let’s have a look at the common points of contention in vaping. From nicotine, to vape devices, to flavoring, to toxins.

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