I paired up the S-22 tank with the iStick Pico and ran the 1.0-ohm MTL coil from 10 up to 27 watts with three different e-liquids. Although there was no information online about recommended wattage ranges for the Series S coils, JAC Vapour’s online support was kind enough to provide me with some info:

  • 1.0-ohm MTL coils – work best at 10 – 15 watts
  • 1.0-ohm DL coils – work best at 20 – 27 watts
  • 0.5-ohm DL coils – work best at 30 – 40 watts

After priming, filling, and waiting 10 minutes, I fired up the iStick Pico with the S-22. At 10 watts, the first thing I notice is the draw. Even with the airflow wide open, the draw is very tight. Tighter than on the S-17. I’d say the draw is comparable to the smallest airflow on the Nautilus. I’m also not noticing any great difference adjusting the airflow. But maybe the coil needs more break-in time.

Upping the wattage to 15 produces different results. The vape opens up, flavor improves, and at this level it’s a pleasant, warm MTL vape. Personally, 17 watts was my sweet spot. The experience is comparable to the S-17. I also pushed the S-22 MTL up to 20 watts without any problems, although that will shorten the life of your coils. The airflow control didn’t really make much of a difference. Ultimately, your airflow will be as restricted as coils you’re using and the wattage you’re pushing.

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