The mouth-to-lung draw on the SERIES-S is comparable to the Nautilus, a little bit too tight for me, but yet very close to the draw of an actual cigarette. That is important, especially for people who are still trying to quit smoking. The flavor is as good as you’ll get from a vape pen!

Now I am using the sub ohm coils. Right away I notice how much more airflow I’m getting. The clouds are respectable, the flavor is on point. I wish it would crank out a bit more voltage to the .5 ohm coils but it’s hard to complain about a pen barely larger than an eGo pushing clouds.

This pen is good for transitioning from smoking because it gives you the option of sub ohming. New vapers need to realize that this was not an option for a vape pen just a few years ago. I’d compare the vape I get off the JAC Vapour SERIES-S to the eGo AIO or the XEO Void.

Note: Although the JAC Vapour SERIES-S is an “all-in-one” unit, but since the tank and battery are detachable, they can be used separately.

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