In early March, I paid a visit to Wismec senior designer Jay-Bo. We talked about a variety of topics, including prototypes that hadn’t received final names. The conversation above starts with him addressing issues with the Reuleaux mod and certain atomizers. While he stressed that he’s a designer at Wismec and not a customer service rep, he explained why some Reuleaux users were having issues with their setups.

Naturally, the conversation shifted to talk of the new-new. Jay-Bo showed a variety of super-cool products. They didn’t have names at the time this video was filmed, but vapers have come to know them as the Inde Duo RDA, the Theorem RTA, and the Notch Coil. It was brilliant learning about each of these products; it made reading your reactions to their respective Vaping360 previews on social media lots of fun.

If you’re interested in the Inde Duo, Theorem, and Notch Coil, I highly recommend checking out the individual previews linked in the paragraph above and hearing Jay-Bo talk about each one in the video interview.

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