With 200W the eVic Primo has the vaping muscle to handle just about anything you wish to throw at it, including TC, and looks pretty good doing it. Admittedly the mod is still just a basic flat box with the unmistakable eVic front panel, but Joyetech has added a few new angular design cues and a two-toned color scheme that work together to give the mod a nice aesthetic appeal.

Though some may find using the Primo as a power bank to be a dubious feature, others will find it to be a godsend when they are out with a dead phone and no outlet. You decide, but options are a usually a good thing, IMO.

I like that the Unimax 25 will accept Cubis coils with an adapter, which opens up an array of coil options that includes Clapton, Ni, SS, Notch coils, and others to take full advantage of the Primo’s 200 watts and TC features. Though it is a bit disappointing that there is no RBA option with the Unimax 25, it looks as though Joytech was prioritizing ease of use, and who knows – an RBA may be released as an option down the road. And, of course, you can use any 25mm tank or RDA on the Primo and it will handle it with ease.

So for now we’ll have to settle for prebuilt coils, which seems like a solid strategy in delivering a dependable, hassle-free, leak-free, and flood-free experience – and that’s just about everything we have come to expect from Joyetech.

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