If you’re a fan of the JUUL, you know there’s nothing more exciting than a fresh pack of JUUL pods… except maybe, a pack with a new flavor? After a recent trip to my local vape shop, that’s what I bought; a new JUUL flavor called Cool Cucumber.

The Limited Edition Cool Cucumber by JUUL is their most unique flavor. It’s a sweet and aromatic cucumber, finished with a moderate cooling sensation – which is more of a mint than menthol, but without a minty taste. It’s tasty stuff! Sometimes I think I taste melon too, but that could be my imagination. Either way, I’d go so far as saying Cool Cucumber is my favorite of all the JUUL flavors.

When I first heard of it, I thought it might be just a rumor. There are always talks of a new flavor from JUUL. Sometimes it’s a hoax, and other times it’s real. Cool Cucumber is real even if you can’t find it in any shops. It’s currently being called a limited-edition flavor only sold in certain physical locations. But Mango came out in a similar way. Now it’s part of the regular line up. Maybe Cool Cucumber is here to stay?

What do JUUL fans think: Have you tried Cool Cucumber? If not, do you have any interest in it? Share your thoughts on the new green-cap pods. I’ll get back to vaping it…

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