This is what really matters! The Kado Stealth provides flavor about as good as the Air, but the vapor production is fairly lacking, even for a stealth device. Also, there’s hardly any throat hit, even with my 36 mg/mL WTA (from Aroma Ejuice – which hits super hard!) or with 50 mg/mL nic salt (from I love Salts!). That is kind of a bummer for me.

The draw is tight — a legit MTL — but it’s an easy draw that doesn’t require pulling hard and collapsing your cheeks. The one strange thing about this vape is that if you draw on the device a little too hard (and most times it’s unavoidable), the pod continues to sizzle for a full second (almost like it’s actually firing). And it’s loud! At first it made me not want to use it, but I got used to it.

I was only sent one pod, so I can’t speak to the consistency of the coils. But the longevity of this one pod has been good. I’ve had it for a couple weeks and refilled this one pod five times with no drop in performance (although that is still only 10 mL total). Furthermore, there has been absolutely no leaking, hot pops, or even juice in the mouth… just that awkward and loud after-sizzle.

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