Brunner also teased plans for future Koi CBD flavors. Coming up next are Blue Koi and Black Koi. While he wouldn’t reveal details on the flavor profiles of those e-liquids, I think it’s safe to say that the former will contain some blueberry. As for the latter, Black Koi will be a seasonal flavor that will change every year. While the first edition of Black Koi will be available during the Christmas 2016 season, Brunner shot down my suggestion for an egg nog CBD e-liquid.

If you’re interested in CBD e-liquids then please watch the Koi CBD interview above. Brunner did a nice job explaining what CBDs are and what they’re not. Hopefully the information from Koi CBD will help you figure out if CBD e-liquids are for you. If you’ve vaped any CBD e-liquids, I’d love to hear about your experience with them in the comments section.

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