It was bound to happen . . . a 300W TC mod!

The Primus 300W TC is a triple 18650 unit that’s next in line after Koopor’s Mini and Plus.

Koopor started with the modestly powered, single 18650, with 60 watts and temperature controlled Mini.  They improved and refined, following up with the Plus, delivering 200 watts, with dual 18650s.  Now, Koopor is back in a big way with the Primus 300W TC. And they’re bringing the watts to the table!  With a stylishly new design for the housing, a larger top mounted display, and moving the (-) and (+) buttons out of the way of fingers, the Primus 300W TC is continuing where the Plus left off.  The upcoming Primus isn’t pulling any punches in the wattage department, and if it really can produce 300W, it will best the vast majority of its competition with watts to spare.

Koopor is still killing it with Primus specifications, a full wattage range of 1.0 to 300, and temp ranges from 200°F to 600°F.  The Primus 300W TC also supports all the TC coil types we’ve come to love, from the tried and true Ni200, to the higher resistance of Titanium, and even the newer option of Stainless Steel.  While some manufacturers have decided to restrict what you use, the Primus still has a spring loaded 510, to allow us to vape how we want.  With the addition of a 3rd battery, even if most of us will never come close to using the 300W, we should see some great battery life out of the Primus, under normal usage.

I’ve been a huge fan of Koopor and their products since the Mini, it still is one of my favorite devices. The quality, designs, menus, and overall setting controls that Koopor has brought to the consumer, and at such price points, appears like it will continue with the Primus 300. And although the Koopor 300W TC is not slated to be the most powerful mod on the market (that would be the Vicious Ant Variant 350W), at a price of $99, the Primus is likely to become hit!

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