Volcano Ecigs’ Lavabox is one of numerous mods coming into the market that use Evolv’s newest chip/board, the DNA75.

What distinguishes the DNA75 from Evolv’s DNA200? Well, besides the obvious difference in power output — 200 watts versus a more modest 75 watts — the 200W Evolv board requires much more battery power to operate. DNA200 mods tend to use non-replaceable internal LiPo battery packs that can be recharged only via USB, while DNA75 mods can be powered by a single 18650 high-drain (20-amp continuous rating) that allows swapping out with a fresh battery. That’s how the LavaBox is designed.

As far as sophisticated technology goes, Evolv’s DNA75 board is about as high end as it gets. Evolv and Yihi are the industry leaders in chip technology. Evolv invented temperature control as it is currently configured, by measuring hundreds or thousands of times per second the changing resistance of low-resistance wire types (nickel, titanium, stainless steel) as the coil heats up. By monitoring the “temperature coefficient resistance” (called TCR), the chip can then regulate power to the coil.

Evolv chips allow adjustment of TCR values, as well as employing the Escribe computer software via USB to allow custom-tailoring of other variables, such as TCR curves, attack levels, and ramp-up curves. Such boards are great for hard-core enthusiast vapers who want to fine-tune every aspect of their vaping experience, but the majority of vapers may find these sophisticated features a bit much, and more than they want or need. TC chips made by other manufacturers may not be as good as Evolv’s, but they are often much simpler and straightforward in terms of menu navigation and selection of options.

Still, temp control doesn’t get more accurate or precise than with the DNA75 board. This chip is guaranteed to show up in numerous box mods by different manufacturers, the LavaBox M being only one of many.

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