Looking at the Arms Race mod, Limitless has succeeded in delivering a mod with a strong military influence, and done it tastefully. Being retired from a civilian job in the defense industry, and also a confessed “gun guy”, I find the Arms Race includes just the right level of detail to convey that message without going over the top.

Beyond that, the Arms Race mod includes a new, custom chip that was designed by Limitless with ease of use as a priority. In TC mode the chip automatically senses the coil and adjusts the temperature accordingly. In VW mode the mod is adjustable in 0.5W increments between 5 and 200W, so it has plenty of power to shock and awe.

There are other mods with a military flair, such as the Magmod which is fashioned after (out of?) a 30-round polymer AR-15 magazine. While innovative and cool – and likely indestructible – I cannot see myself using one.

To each their own, but with the digi-camo sleeves, Picatinny top rail, and battery magazine the Limitless mod would more likely be my weapon of choice in this arms race.

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