Never seeming to settle, Lost Vape has announced yet another DNA based mod: the dual-cell Drone DNA166 BF.

That’s right, it’s a squonker.

Lost Vape has been giving us some of the very best mods integrating the Evolv DNA chip for some time, and the Drone is another exceptionally designed box. Looking very much like a Triade with its polygonal shape, the Drone sacrifices one of the Triade’s three batteries to allow room for the onboard juice bottle. With the Drone, Lost Vape neatly fills the gap between the Triade and their single-cell Therion squonker, and the dual-cell Drone should provide enough run time to keep BF enthusiasts happily squonking all day long.

The Drone pairs a centered 510 connector with enough output power to make the Drone a perfect platform for driving crazy wire mass in large bottom-fed RDAs like the Goon LP.

Even though the Drone has a DNA250 chip at its heart, the peak output wattage of the mod is governed at 167 watts, possibly due to battery considerations. If so, I applaud Lost Vape for erring on the side of caution.

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