I’ve seen the Mi-Pod in photos and videos, but I wasn’t completely prepared for just how little it is. The device is easily concealed in my palm (and I have small hands), and it’s thin and lightweight. Compared to the Aspire Gusto Mini, the Mi-Pod is similar in width, shorter in height and much thinner. If you ever saw the original Mi-One, this thing is the same size only a lot slimmer.

I opted for the gold metallic edition, but they come in a wide range of colors and styles. It also feels great in the hand, weighing in at just under 45 grams. The Mi-Pod body is made of plastic, but the metallic version is covered in thin metal plates, making it a fingerprint magnet.

The digital collection uses textured decal stickers instead, which may be subject to peeling off — don’t pick at it! On the metal version, you’ll find Elvish engravings on the sides. According to Ruby Roo, one of them apparently says “one vape to rule them all”. I didn’t know they had a word for vape.

On both versions, next to the mouthpiece, there is a tiny metal plate with faux screws engraved in it, which looks like it’s from the early nineties. In addition, the Mi-Pod “M” logo on the body of the device functions as your e-liquid window and has a similar outdated design aesthetic.

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