In this golden age of vaping, there are lots of fantastic vape setups that are going for under $50 (check our deals page for daily updates). In fact, vaping is cheaper than it has ever been. With that, it might boggle your mind as to why anyone would buy ultra-expensive vapes.

Vaping has evolved from a means to quit smoking into a hobby and lifestyle for many. Some vapers have no problem spending upwards of hundreds of dollars to attain what they consider to be the perfect vape setup. For some, money is not a deterrent. It’s the same reason why people collect anything that is of value to them. The harder it is to obtain, the more these collectors need them.

You might find out that “the best” is not always the most expensive, but we have compiled some of the most expensive mods that money can buy, to show you what’s out there.

We’re not talking about boutique-style modders from Facebook groups, such as Carlos Creations or Gepetto, for example. All of these products are available without having to join a secret society. If you are a member of HEMO or any similar groups, this list is probably not going to be for you.

Here’s a look at the most expensive mods and vapes that are easy to obtain online or in stores:

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