JUUL is the hottest little ecig on the market. But fans are hungry for more… flavors! Up until recently, there have only been four: Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, Creme Brulee, and Virginia Tobacco.

For a limited time, now you can add one more to the four. Fruity Mango!

For all us JUUL users, this is beyond good news. The flavors in the JUUL are already great, but many of users have been chomping at the bit to taste a new flavor with that incredible throat hit and nicotine blast. Since it’s going to be a limited edition, it is in your best interest pre-order if you are one of the many that use the JUUL.

And Fruity Mango sure does sound good! JUUL already did a killer job with their Fruit Medley flavor, so we have high hopes for this new fruit juice.

Lastly, for those that aren’t a JUUL snob, you might not know that people take their JUUL and pods VERY seriously. Anything limited edition from JUUL will not last long, so order while you can, even if just to ensure you get a taste. Don’t sleep on it.

Note: These will not be available in auto-ship.

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