New York City wants to limit smokers’ access to lifesaving vapor products, and create a mechanism to eliminate vape shops in the future.

That’s the purpose of a proposed ordinance set for a hearing at the city council meeting on Thursday, April 27. The 10:00 a.m. meeting at City Hall in Lower Manhattan is open to the public. Filling the council chambers with vapers Thursday morning is crucial.

The bill will create a 90-day window for vape retailers to apply for licenses, then stop issuing new licenses after that. By preventing entrepreneurs from opening shops in the future, and restricting the transfer of existing licenses, the city intends to eliminate vape shops from the city by attrition.

The law is bad for businesses, and terrible for consumers. Mayor Bill de Blasio took to Twitter last week to brag about the ordinance.

CASAA has issued a call to action. Vapers can send a message now to members of the City Council’s Committee of Health.

New York City residents are urged to be at the meeting if at all possible. Even if you don’t wish to speak at the meeting, presenting the council with an imposing display of opposition can have a powerful effect.

Several other tobacco-related rules are set to be discussed, including increasing taxes to raise the minimum price of cigarettes in New York to $13 a pack. Overtaxing cigarettes has already made New York the biggest market for illegal sales of tobacco products in the country. Now the mayor and his council cronies want to restrict residents’ ability to choose less risky alternatives too.

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