So that just happened… They say necessity is the mother of all invention, and apparently there’s a need out there for something like this. What is it you ask? The Nicomore N1 appears to be an ordinary sub ohm tank, but it comes with a separate device that allows you to modify your flavor.

Vaping is all about customization, and Nicomore takes it a step further by giving vapers the ability to alter their existing e-liquid flavors, without having to buy a ton of juice. I would imagine these “flavor balls” that are used, give the effect of what we might refer to as a “flavor shot”.

The tank is called the Nicomore N1, and it actually looks pretty dope tank by itself. This isn’t just a regular tank, it’s made to be used with the N1 Mate, which is where the flavoring takes place. You can load in up to six flavor balls into the “cabin”, depending on how much flavor you want.

The N1 Mate essentially looks like a scaled-up mech tube, but it is not even close to that. It is where the magic happens. I have no idea how this device works in conjunction with the flavor balls, or how the taste is affected by it, but we’d love to hear your thoughts about the Nicomore. This thing is crazy!

One of my concerns about the device is, what happens to the flavor balls after being used? How much do they cost and where can you get them? What are the flavors currently available and will there be more added? Most importantly, how will it affect the taste of my favorite e-liquids?

In the promo video, they present eight different flavors: coffee, milk, strawberry, pineapple, peach, chocolate, lemon and cherry. I can see how this would be fun for some vapers to mix and vape different flavors all day, without having to refill their tank. It seems like a good idea…

My only other concern is the content of the flavor balls. Do they contain e-liquid or flavor concentrates? Where are they getting these concentrates/e-liquids from? Catch my drift?

Ok, in this last video, they show you how to turn on the “ball taste”. Just sit with that for a second. I don’t know who comes up with these terms, and I’m not going to correct them anytime soon, until they start paying me.
Do you think the Nicomore N1 is a good concept? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts….

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