I didn’t experience any misfires, leaking or gurgling with the Saber. The issue I had was that the pods don’t seem to last that long. After only two refills I already noticed a drop-off in flavor followed by dry hits. Giving it the benefit of the doubt, I tried a fresh pod only to have the same thing happen again. Granted, the pods are fairly inexpensive, but I was disappointed with their short life expectancy. I shouldn’t be getting burnt/dry hits after only a few days of using them even if they only cost $2.

I’m on my third pod now, this time with some higher VG juice, but surprisingly no dry hits! It already has lasted longer than the other two. So far, I got three refills out of it, and it’s still going strong. But for only 1/3 of the pods to last longer than two refills means the inexpensive price tag is misleading.

Another minor issue I noticed was that on one of the Sabers, the bottom portion seems to be a little bit wiggly, just under the LED bar. Not a major issue, but worth noting. I wish they were more consistent.

The only other con I could find is that the mouthpiece is on the chunky side which could be uncomfortable for some, but I’m still able to vape it while holding it in my mouth.

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