The PAX 3 has more options than the original too. There is a half-pack option, great for solo sessions or conserving weed, and did I mention that it vapes concentrates? Yes, there is an oven for wax, a feature that has never before seen on a PAX vaporizer.

(Or a feature that had yet to be found. Easter egg, anyone?)

The PAX 3 has a full-color LED interface, lip-sensing features and a Bluetooth app to go along with. It also boasts a heating system that is twice as powerful as the PAX 2, capable of creating vapor within 15 seconds.

The PAX 3 will be available in black, gold, silver and limited edition rose gold. Another notable feature is dynamic modes that provide a customized vapor experience. We can expect to see the PAX 3 available for sale in mid-October and it will retail at $274.99, backed up with a 10-year warranty.

PAX have also announced that the PAX 2 will be reduced to $199 down from its original price of $279. Here’s some more details straight from Pax Labs:

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