The PAX Vapor app features five different modes, which includes the standard one that came with the original PAX vaporizers. These four new modes include boost, efficiency, stealth and flavor mode. Each one is suited for different vapers in various situations. Let’s have a look…

This is the default mode, which will be very familiar to those who own the original PAX or the PAX 2. In this mode, the oven heats up 5-10° when you start puffing on it. Using the PAX Vapor App, we now get to see the exact temperature of the device, in real time, which is pretty neat.

By swiping the temperature horizontally, you can also adjust the PAX in 5° intervals, or vertically, which will allow you to use 1° intervals. This applies to each and every one of the modes too.

Flavor mode is very much like the standard mode, only it cools down and heats up quicker and stronger to deliver the maximum flavor possible on each puff. This is a perfect option for people who want to taste the terpenes and individual flavor profile of each strain, aka flavor chasers.

Boost mode is for people who are used to a hot vape, or even smokers who are looking to get that desired throat hit. This is going to be the least discrete mode, you are going to be getting denser vapor and less odor reduction. Essentially this setting is for when you want to “blast off”.

Boost mode will reduce the cooling functions significantly and stay hotter for longer periods of time. This function is great for shorter sessions. Sometimes all you just need is that extra boost. Nevermind being stealthy, if you want a harder-hitting PAX 3, try out this mode and get boosted.

Efficiency mode is for people concerned with getting the most out of their dry herb material. It will gradually increase in temperature by a few degrees throughout your session, based on how hard you puff. It will keep going up to 430°, so be careful. This mode is great for conserving bud.

In Stealth mode, the LED lights on the PAX 3 will be disabled, and the cooling function works to reduce odors. Of course, there is still going to be some degree of smell involved, in fact the PAX has a very specific odor. One time my friend came over, smelled it and asked if I was “PAXing”.

If I was in Stealth mode, he probably wouldn’t have caught a whiff. When it comes to minimizing odor, then this is still your best bet. It will allow you to “PAX” like a stealth vaping ninja wizard.

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