Wouldn’t it be nice if vapers had a vaping emoji for their iPhone?

A dedicated vaper named Sheba Love thinks it’s a great idea, and has gone as far as creating a Change.org petition aimed getting Apple to include one. Usually, I think petitions are a huge waste of time, and a distraction from real work that needs to get done. But this one’s fun. Who doesn’t like emojis?

“Apple decided to replace the gun emoji with a water pistol,” the petition reads. “I demand they add a VAPE emoji if they are going to keep the cigarette. It’s just that simple. I’m not going to waste your time with a sob story, just check out these links, sign this thing, pass it on. Cigarettes are lame, vaping is the future. If Apple can stand up to the NSA they can also stand up to the FDA, Big Tobacco, and Big Pharma. Thanks, Sheba Love.”

Sheba told us that after contacting Apple and getting nowhere trying to persuade them, it was time for direct action. So far it hasn’t gained a lot of steam, but that can change quickly.

The emoji’s history is interesting. They were originally used by Japanese consumers in the ’90s to express things in a “kawaii” style on pagers. It started with a heart symbol and evolved into all sorts of icons (faces, flags, animals, buildings, symbols, and so much more). Today, mobile phone users see emojis as an integral element of messaging. Apple first included an emoji keyboard in iOS 5 for the iPhone in 2011. Today, there are all sorts of third-party emoji keyboards for Android and iOS, because the native emoji aren’t enough for many people. Emoji have become so powerful that Apple has integrated a “stickers” system in the latest version of messages for iOS 10, allowing companies to monetize emoji-like icons. With emoji becoming so prolific and pervasive, the vaping world ought to have its own symbol.

What do you think of Sheba Love’s petition for Apple to include a vaping emoji? Is it a worthwhile pursuit or a misguided effort (like so many Change.org petitions). What would you even want to see in a vaping emoji? A person performing a vape trick? A box mod? How would the graphic designer even differentiate between vapor and smoke? Leave your thoughts and suggestions below.

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