I’ve been vaping the pod that came with the Phix, the “Original Blend Tobacco”. The first thing I notice about the Phix is the draw, which is tighter and smoother than the JUUL. The flavor is on the light side, and doesn’t hit all at once. I would describe it as a dry, classic tobacco. Vapor production is similar to the JUUL. It won’t chuck clouds, but that’s not what it’s designed for. The throat hit is a bit harder on the Phix, but it also depends on how hard you inhale.

One advantage of the Phix over the JUUL has to be the pods. Although a 4-pack retailing at $22.99 seems pricey in comparison to $15.99 per 4-pack for the JUUL, they will last longer. Creative types will always find a way to hack pods, and although this can be done with the Phix pods, it’s difficult to do without damaging the mouthpiece. Altering this affects the vacuum inside the pod and completely changes the airflow and draw.

At first I wasn’t a fan of the ergonomics. The diamond-rhombus shape felt a bit awkward to hold and inhale from. But lately I think it has the edge over the JUUL as it gives you something to hold onto, whereas the JUUL can sometimes easily slip out of the hand.

The base is a tad wobbly, but overall it still feels sturdier than the JUUL—and I appreciate a bit of heft, even for a slim pod mod.

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