Thanks to various laws being passed throughout the world, it’s currently a precarious time for enthusiast vaping devices. Several manufacturers have reacted with pod mods — all-in-one e-cigs that attempt to blend the ease-of-use of a cig-alike with the robust experience of an enthusiast device. Many of these pod-vaping devices are closed systems, meaning that they’re only meant to be used with pre-filled cartridges and not meant to be refilled by the user. (There are, of course, exceptions.)

For the most part, pod-vaping devices are more ornate versions of cig-alilke devices. These AIO vapes have a battery and a cartridge. You pop a cartridge onto a battery and you’re good to go. These devices have different features, different e-liquid partners, and different form factors to help make them stand out.

In order to help you find the right pod mod for you, here’s a roundup of these all-in-one e-cigs. This list will be updated on a rolling basis.

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