Vapers frequently tell each other about their improved health after quitting smoking and beginning to vape. But those are just anecdotes, as they say. If I tell my doctor that I’ve only had two minor colds in the five years since I started vaping, he’d say that’s probably because I quit smoking.

But LM doesn’t smoke. And that makes it worth a write-up in a scientific journal.

“The present case study is of particular interest because LM is a non-smoker,” write Miler and Hajek. “Smoking increases susceptibility to respiratory infections and so a similar recovery in a smoker who switched to vaping could be ascribed to smoking cessation.”

They go on to explain that it could simply be a coincidence or spontaneous unexplained reversal of symptoms. Yes, those things do happen. But they have a tentative hypothesis.

“There is a possibility is that propylene glycol in EC aerosol affected a microbial strain
that was causing LM problems. Nicotine at low concentration is also known to have
anti-inflammatory effects and this may have played a role as well, although LM
uses primarily nicotine free EC.”

Propylene glycol (PG) is known to have antimicrobial properties. “Whether EC aerosol has the same effect remains unknown,” the authors write. “A trial of vaping zero-nicotine e-cigarettes
in patients with recurrent throat infections could clarify whether this anecdotal
observation was a coincidence, a rare idiosyncratic reaction, or an effect that could
benefit others.”

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