I attached an RDA with dual claptons at 0.48Ω to the Revenant Cartel 160 and it detected the atomizer, asking if this was a “new load” or “old load”. I selected “new” and the Smart VW feature set the power to 35W, which seemed a bit low for the wire mass of the claptons, so I dialed it up to 50W and got a decent vape. Next I went to 80W and of course got tons of vapor as expected. I don’t have the lungs for much more, but briefly went as high as 100W and the mod performed flawlessly in VW mode.

Digging deeper into the menus, I fussed with the CCW mode and set up a curve to to hit the claptons hard for a couple seconds and shorten the ramp time, then drop to my preferred wattage. It worked great, and I could see that the possibilities are nearly infinite. You can set up a roller coaster wave if you want, with each 0.5-second interval alternating anywhere between 5-160W (I don’t know why, but you could), and do it all on the fly, without a PC.

Next, I swapped the RDA for a sub ohm tank with a single 0.5Ω Kanthal coil and as expected the mod asked if this was a new or old load. I selected “new” and the Smart VW feature set the output to 32W, which was just about perfect for my taste.

I’m not certain how this mod determines optimal wattage with the Smart VW feature, but based on the results I got, I suspect it merely checks resistance and assumes single wire coils. For example, it selected 35W for dual clapton coils at 0.48Ω, and 32W for a single Kanthal coil at 0.5Ω. The single coil vaped fine at 35W, but the wire mass of the claptons required a wattage much higher than the recommended 35W to produce satisfactory vapor.

To put the Revenant Cartel 160 through its temp control paces, I filled another sub ohm tank with a watermelon e-liquid and selected TC Ni mode. With the 0.15Ω nickel coil set at 200℃ the mod gave me a sweet flavorful vape with good density and just a hint of warmth. Perfect for the fruity liquid, and, of course, no dry hits. As with the CCW node, I navigated to the CCT mode and it performed exactly as promised.

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