The Rofvape Warlock Peas has been a surprisingly good pod vape in the short time I’ve used it. No hot pops, gurgling, misfires, and no dry or burnt hits! There’s been minimal leaking (just typical seepage from the pod a couple times) and only once or twice have I gotten juice in the mouth. The ramp isn’t quick, but it engages almost immediately with a light and cool hit. If you like a warmer vape, a three-second (or longer) hit will do the trick. My hit-duration is about 6 seconds and it’s been performing well.

I’ve used four pods and refilled each a few times with consistent performance among them all. Not one pod has crapped out in my time of use. Even though the vape only puts out 7 watts, it has a draw and power-output best suited for nicotine salts or other high-nic based eliquids (I’ve really enjoyed using 36 mg/mL unflavored WTA from Aroma Ejuice). The draw is a legit MTL, but it’s a smidgen too lose for my preferred draw. Out of all my pod vapes, it’s probably closest to the Bo One in terms of draw (but it’s only about a 1/3 of the price of the Bo One).

For just over ten bucks, this kit comes with a lot. You get the battery in your choice of colors, a needle-tip 10 mL plastic bottle for easy filling, two refillable pods, and a couple extra replacement plugs (which come in hand since the plugs can be easy to lose). And the nifty feature of the direct-to-source charging means you won’t have to have a USB plug on standby. Even though that takes away from it being a pass-thru device, I am willing to make that trade-off.

It’s a simple device to use. Remove the plug on the bottom of the pod and fill with your favorite juice, then replace the plug. Let the cotton inside the pod soak up the liquid for a couple minutes, then place it inside the battery until it clicks. Puff when ready. The biggest con I’ve found is the irksome design of the top (pod) and bottom (USB cap) being the same shape — like two “peas” in a pod. You have to pay close attention to what end is up or you will hit the wrong end. It’s actually quite annoying. So I’ve taken to leaving the USB cap off so this doesn’t happen.

All in all, the quality and consistency of the hit have kept me reaching for the Peas. It’s a good MTL vape with a solid throat hit that’s not harsh. Though the flavor is just decent and the vapor is average for this kind of device, I’ve gotten no weird drop-offs in performance. And the battery life has been almost shocking for its size. I charge it when I decide to, not when the LED starts flashing blue (something I rarely see). Sure, it’s only 400 mAh, but somehow the Warlock Peas battery seems to last longer than its competitors — like a full day of moderate vaping. Charging it from a depleted battery took a few seconds over 51 minutes.

Have you tried the Rofvape Warlock Peas yet? Rofvape made some iffy box mods this year, but I think they did a pretty good job with this kit. It’s inexpensive and, so far, it’s been better than most that cost more than twice as much. I can only hope the performance I’ve gotten will continue.

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