Council of Vapor is hoping to build on the successful Royal Hunter RDA with the release of the Royal Hunter X (RHX), which more accurately could be called the “Goon X” as it borrows heavily from the design of the wildly popular Goon RDA from 528 Custom Vapes. While not an actual clone of the Goon, the RHX copies some key features from the Goon and adds more.

The Royal Hunter X features the same two post design as the Goon, complete with the staple clamping system, which we know will eagerly accept the fattest wire you can imagine. In addition COV has added four holes in the RHX posts that can alternatively be used to secure your build. Holding it all tightly together is four slotted screws, which should allow some serious torque without stripping.

The 24mm stainless steel RHX looks awesome with the deeply engraved X pattern on the sleeve and deep angled grooves in the top cap, which should be easy to grip when adjusting airflow. Topped with a wide bore drip tip and the look is all cloud-chucking business.

Initially the RHX will be available in black and stainless steel, with optional colored sleeves in red, green, blue, and orange to follow. The RHX should be competitive with a street price of around 45 bucks.

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