The Senate minority leader says that the FDA should reverse its delay of the vape industry-killing deeming regulations, and accused the vape industry of marketing to kids.

Sen. Chuck Schumer singled out Pax Labs’ Juul pod mod as particularly dangerous, according to the New York Post. Schumer said that Juul might even be more dangerous than smoking cigarettes — an incredible statement that betrays a frightening ignorance about smoking and nicotine.

“It takes your breath away,” Schumer said, according to Newsday. “We’ve made progress over the last decade in keeping cigarettes out of people’s hands, particularly kids. But with e-cigarettes — with their trendy packaging, their kid-friendly flavors — are moving us backward.”

According to Schumer, one Juul pod has as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. “That is outrageous,” said the senator. “It’s safe to say the e-cigarette companies are stepping over the line to market these products to kids, to get them hooked to smoking. And they’re hoping the federal government turns a blind eye — unfortunately that is what’s happening.”

Schumer has demanded action on vaping products before. The last vaping “danger” that made the New York Democrat’s naughty list was batteries. With no knowledge of the issue, and no research by his staff, Schumer demanded recalls.

“Despite the explosions, no recalls have been issued,” Schumer said. That’s true too — but there has been no defective product to recall. Most “vape explosions” are the result of user error, improper charging, and carrying loose batteries in pockets with change or keys.

Schumer has never met a moral outrage he didn’t like. In 2015, Reason writer Nick Gillespie described more than 20 instances of Schumer calling for restrictions, investigations, and bans.

“No issue is too stupid or inconsequential for Schumer to weigh in on, inevitably calling for a ban or regulation that serves no other possible purpose than to shine a light on the glory and grandeur of Chuck Schumer,” wrote Gillespie.

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