The vaping marketplace is filled with RDAs — so many new ones come out in a single season that it’s nearly impossible to keep up.

What makes the Sense RDAs notable or different? The spacious Velocity-style build decks that have dual posts with two large-diameter wire traps in each post secured by side hex screws that can handle either dual or quad coil builds are certainly nice, but that’s become standard for current generation RDA. The most meaningful difference that separates the Herakles RDAs from the rest of the crowd is that these are designed in much the same way as sub-ohm tanks and clearomizers, with air flow directed upward from the base underneath the coils that’s regulated by an air intake ring on the base, plus side air flow regulated by turning the top cap. I can’t say that this design is unique, but it’s rare.

Some RDA lovers may not like having a control ring on the base, but that dual-air intake system is extremely effective in providing adjustable air flow to the coils that ranges from totally wide open for high-power cloud chasing to nearly MTL restriction that’s perfect for flavor enhancement.

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