As many of you may already know, I primarily use RDAs on a regular basis as my main vape. Lately, I have been messing with the Griffin, one of the first tanks to kick off the “Great RTA Boom of 2016.” Ever since it came out, all I have been hearing is “Griffin this” and “Griffin that.”

Well does it live up to the hype? Yes! Save for the juice-flow control function, which allows the whole tank to spin freely. Other then that, I have been getting huge, delicious clouds from this badboy. With a mechanical mod, sometimes I literally forget that I am not using a dripper!

As for the SOI Shorty, I was originally using it as a combo with the Subzero RDA, which was giving me some of the best flavor I have ever experienced. However, I haven’t been dripping as much since I got this Griffin. A bit late to the party I admit, but hey, better late than never!

The e-liquid of choice this month has been between Steep Pop Deez, Zenith Orion, and FRYD Banana. I have been sticking with the classics lately, with the occasional random impulse buy. I hope to try some more good ones and report back to you about it in the upcoming months.

I can see myself getting back into RTAs now that they are made to accommodate sub-ohm vaping and big beefy builds. Been looking at the Aromamizer RDTA, which is your favorite?

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