The quad-cell mod trend is definitely picking up in 2017. Two other notable ones would be the iJoy EXO 360 kit and last but not least the Wismec RX300, although only capable of 300W. The jury is still out as to which one is the best, but if you need more power, get the EXO or Fuchai.

Right now one of the major deciding factors is going to be that the Fuchai has a color screen whereas the EXO doesn’t. If that means anything to you, then you might prefer the Fuchai.

The Fuchai and the EXO actually have a similar type of look to them, I’m not sure who copied who. In any case, it is going to be interesting to see which one becomes a fan favorite. In theory, both kits are similar in specs, and even in design. Which one do YOU think will be the best?

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