I found this to be a very accurate mod. It hits a little weakly at the 0.11-ohm resistance mark, which is pretty common, but it really shines at 0.15 ohms and above. Even during the 200- and 150-watt test, it was only one watt off. That’s quite impressive. No matter what the setting, once I got up to the 0.15-ohm coil, it was never off by more than a few watts, as long as it was within its limits.

Sigelei claims the Top 1 has a maximum power output of 230 watts. They list a max amp output of 38, and a max voltage output of 7.5. Big kudos to them for listing all three. In my test results, the wattage output pretty much reached the advertised level and maxed out at 215 watts. That’s more than close enough for me to consider it accurately rated. Definitely not a Fuchai 213 situation. It’s plausible that with a 0.17-ohm coil, I could have gotten even closer to 230 watts.

The maximum voltage output was 7.05 volts with a 0.5-ohm coil, which is right in line with most dual-battery mods that don’t have boost circuits. The Top 1 fell a little short of the 7.5 volts but it’s close enough. Again, it’s plausible that it could reach 7.5 volts with a higher resistance coil, so again kudos for not claiming 8.4 V capability like some other mods without a boost circuit do.

I measured 38 amps as a max, which is a little below the 40-amp average for a dual battery mod these days. However, it meets their listed spec on the dot, so I can’t fault them for it. Overall, I find the Top 1 to be an excellent performer as well as being accurately rated.

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