It’s not often anymore that we see a piece of vaping equipment and say “Wow!”, but that was exactly my reaction after a glimpse of the new Smoant RABOX with it’s open chassis, and futuristic industrial design.

The RABOX sports a hand-crafted, GTA welded, tubular stainless steel frame finished with a high-temp ceramic paint in your choice of black, red, or white. The frame is enclosed on two sides with clear PMMA acrylic panels.

Looking through the PMMA panels you see the battery housing with a prominent Smoant RABOX logo and the PC board. Since the remaining four sides are completely open, the PC board has been sprayed with an ultra thin nano waterproof coating to resist moisture and water damage (it is NOT waterproof). The PCB also features LED lighting that is visible through the acrylic panels during use.

With an internal 3300mAh internal battery the RABOX offers two vaping modes: Constant Voltage (5V) and Soft (full battery output). Selecting the mode is as simple as flipping the external toggle switch on the side of the box.

Smoant describes the RABOX as a “Smart Unregulated Mod” that provides up to 100W of power with protections against low battery, low resistance, over temp and overuse.

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