With the Mini 2, SMOK has reconfigured the adjustment buttons and moved the USB port to the front panel, which allows you to charge the mod without laying it down. SMOK has also removed the perforations from the magnetic battery door giving the mod a cleaner look. I did notice some minor movement of the door during handling and use – it didn’t bother me but should be mentioned as it may bother you.

Changes to the original Mini run deeper than just cosmetic, however. The Mini 2 gets a 20W boost in wattage to 80W and setting it up in should be a bit easier with the “bare” OLED screen which improves readability, especially outdoors.

The Koopor Mini 2 does temperature control, including TCR, user selectable vaping effects (ramps), and adjustable initial resistance.

Like other SMOK mods the Mini 2 features intuitive menu icons. With the mod powered on, press the fire button three times quickly to enter the setup and operation menus. You then scroll through the various icons with the +/- buttons.

The Mini 2 has six icons, with sub-menus:

  • VW/TC mode select
  • Coil select (Ni/Ti/SS) in TC
  • Ramp select in TC (Min/Soft/Norm/Hard/Max)
  • Single or dual coil in TC
  • Puff counter
  • Initial resistance adjustment
  • TCR
  • Screen settings
  • Time out
  • Contrast
  • Rotation
  • Power off

The review sample had a seventh menu icon that did not function, and I cannot say if the production version will have additional functions not listed above.

The Mini 2 also provides protection against overheating, short circuit, low and over voltage, and the fire button times out at 12 seconds.

Additionally, the Mini 2 has reverse polarity protection, which is a good thing. When I installed the battery I noticed that the positive end goes towards the bottom of the mod, which is not unheard of but the tendency is to assume positive up. So yeah, if the mod won’t power up, no big deal – just check your battery.

Finally, time to vape.

I filled the Helmet with 70% VG vanilla custard and set the top AFC ring to wide open, then set the mod aside for a few minutes to let the coil saturate.

Five clicks on and I was greeted with a prompt to select “old” or “new” coil. Selecting “new”, and starting at 25W with the pre-installed 0.6Ω fused dual clapton coil the mod performed as I have come to expect with the Helmet tanks – nice smooth vapor and a lot of flavor. I went to 50W and of course got much more vapor with consistent flavor. A quick trip to 80W and the vape was way too hot for me. Back down to 35W to finish the tank and the vape was just the way I like it – nice flavor and vapor with a touch of warmth, and no dry hits, gurgle, spit, or leaks.

Remember that the Helmet tank really excels at casual vaping and does not seem intended for cloud chasing. With the AFC ring wide open you can get a nice direct lung hit, but there is just not enough air to keep the coils cool at wattage settings above 60W or so.

For a final test, I built an RDA with a 0.1Ω Ni 200 coil to put the Mini 2 through a brief TC vape session and the mod performed as expected.

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