All-in-ones. Often marketed as starter kits, they can be great for new vapers, or MTL vapers getting into sub ohm vaping. What they gain in convenience, they sometimes lose in compatibility. When you buy an AIO, you better make sure you love the tank, as well as the mod. And good looks alone won’t cut it, with so many options out there – it has to perform well too.

The first thing I noticed about the OSUB One kit is its heft. It fits really well in the hand, and has a good, solid weight to it – it doesn’t feel flimsy. Smok has opted for a clicky firing bar that runs along the side of the device, which is great ergonomically. You can grip the device in the palm of your hand and fire it either against your thumb/palm or with your fingers. Did Smok design a left-handed device here? I’m not sure, but as a leftie myself, it feels very natural to use.

The OSUB One kit features 0.2-ohm coilheads that look very similar to the Helmet Nano coils used in the Guardian 40W e-pipe kit. I wonder if the OSUB One kit is compatible with the higher resistance Helmet Nano coils? (Spoiler alert: they are. Read on to find out more.)

Even though this is a small AIO kit, Smok hasn’t skimped on the technical details. They have integrated their standard menu functionality into the OSUB One. You can track your puff number (and limit it if you so wish), choose from five different draw options, and switch between VW and TC modes.

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