In the “old days” of vaping (good old days? bad old days?) — by which I mean around 2011-2012 — the Chinese company then called SmokTech — was known mainly for its 510 cartomizers. In recent years, the company has reinvented itself. After shortening its name to SMOK and suffering a few false starts with questionable box mods, the vaping hardware manufacturer has upped its game and made a big splash in the marketplace with its Taste Furious (TF) Series of sub-ohm clearomizer tanks. The TFV4 is currently available in four different sizes — Original, Mini, Micro, and now Nano — with a huge selection of factory coil heads for each.

Now SMOK is releasing its first dedicated RTA in the TF series, called (reasonably enough), the TF-RTA. It’s a big honking tank, about the same size as the Original TFV4. This is one monster atomizer, a true beast. Will the TF-RTA have as much impact in the marketplace, causing similar buzz throughout the vaping community, as the TFV4 did? Let’s find out.

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