SMOK’s original TFV12 atomizer (otherwise known as the Cloud Beast King) entered the market as a powerful sub-ohm platform capable of epic cloud production. This popular, 27 mm diameter unit featured a generously sized 6 mL ejuice reservoir and utilized the cutting-edge V12 coil technology – configured for use at higher powers. This inspired creation soon cemented its place as a “go-to” atomizer for power-centric vaping enthusiasts – supporting power levels of up to 350 W.

The TFV12 Prince Tank is an extension of this original design and brings with it, three, new carefully modulated coils that offer additional vaping versatility. The Prince Q4, X6 and T10 coil heads support a 40-120 W power level and are designed to deliver unparalleled vapor and flavor at mid wattage power outputs.

In many ways, it is SMOK’s advanced coil family that has earned them a top place on the vape leaderboard and with this model. We hold similar expectations for their overall performance.

Additional improvements and amendments to the former design include:

  1. A smaller diameter: 28 mm to 25.5 mm,
  2. A decrease in overall height: 70 mm to 63 mm,
  3. An increased ejuice capacity: 6 mL to 8 mL,
  4. A patented locking mechanism (which is completely new)
  5. And a remarkable drop in weight: 91 g to 62 g.

These features combine to create a sleeker, more compact atomizer that offers exceptional performance and versatility. Plus, with bonus aesthetic elements like the inclusion of a funky cobra-print drip tip and a choice between a standard or bulbous, glass ejuice reservoir, this unit looks better than ever.

Suitable for a wide range of users, SMOK’s non-rebuildable atomizer category continues to flourish and I for one would be surprised if this model doesn’t excel in practice!

How do you feel about this new SMOK atomizer? Is it about time, or just overkill? Let us know your feelings about it in the comment section…

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