Long before I’d unboxed Smoking Vapor’s Mi-One kit, I’d seen countless photos of a tiny AIO vape device that looks like psychedelic mother-of-pearl. So I was a bit disappointed to find that our Mi-One is finished in “black sand”. It adds texture, just not a lot of visual appeal (at least not like the other finishes.)

I’ve heard a few reports of the acrylic abalone peeling or being poorly cut. Mine is fine except where the USB opening is cut out. It doesn’t really follow the shape of the USB port, instead it’s just an oblong opening. It’s not a big deal, I guess, just a manufacturing misstep.

Then there’s the size. Based on the macro photos I’d originally seen of the Mi-One, I thought it would be bigger than it actually is. This thing is dwarfed by my hand. But then, I am 6’2”. With atomizer and drip tip in place, it’s still only 68mm tall. And for such a small device, the 3.5mL capacity is impressive. Let’s just hope the battery keeps up.

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