Let’s start from the beginning. Andromeda was actually the first premium juice that I bought with my Kanger Subtank Mini, “back in the day”. It was the original 50/50 formula, but I still remember how happy I was inhaling those first delicious plumes of yummy vapor.

Andromeda combines the sweetness of blueberry with the tartness of pomegranate. I know many people who love this one, but it’s just not working for me. The flavoring is too artificial for a fruity vape, not a fan. Have you ever tried Andromeda yet? What was your impression of it?


When you do reviews all the time like me, you are sometimes forced to vape stuff that you might not have chosen. Recently I was reviewing the Beard line and their strawberry cheesecake flavor got me back on a kick for berries and cream. Cuttwood’s Unicorn Milk is another favorite.

However, I am not quite sold on Meteor Milk. This is supposed to be their attempt at Mother’s Milk, which is apparently a requirement of all e-liquid brands. But seriously, I just don’t like it. It tastes like berries and cream but it has a slight funkiness that I won’t even begin to describe…

Maybe I just got a bad batch, but so far I am just getting the impression that Space Jam is overrated. I’m pretty sure one of the main reasons why they are still so popular is only because they started up before most of the competition. This juice is overwhelmingly mediocre so far….


Melons and mint? No thanks! Do I really have to vape this stuff? Maybe I should just stop now. Ok fine, I’ll do it for science, and for all of the awesome people out there who actually read our reviews. The flavor profile for this one is melons, bubblegum and mint. Ok here goes nothing….

You know what? It’s actually not that bad. I was expecting the worst but Pluto actually delivers a nice little fruity and refreshing vape. The watermelon is most prominent of the melons, the throat hit is nice and the little tinge of mint adds a nice touch. I can’t say anything bad about this one.

The only thing I’ll say is good luck getting rid of that melon taste without changing your wicks….


Astro is described as apples and strawberries, and I’m definitely getting that strawberry upfront with a slight apple on the exhale, and a little bit of peach somewhere in the mix. Put it this way, if you love strawberry candy flavored stuff, then you will probably think this stuff is straight crack.

Astro is one of the first flavors to kick off the Space Jam line, and for that reason it has a special place in many vapers’ hearts. I’m not sold on the fruit flavoring used in their juice, so Astro didn’t blow me away, but I can see why people love this stuff. It is a well-balanced, fruity candy vape.


This is one of the more recent additions to the original Space Jam line-up. It is basically a cotton-candy flavor fusing together blue raspberry with some strawberry. It doesn’t taste like real fruit of course, but then again there really is no such thing as a blue raspberry in real life…

Particle X, like all of the Space Jam juices is well balanced, meaning it is not too sweet. It vapes smooth, especially in max VG and has a satisfying throat hit. Cotton candy flavored vaped kind of became a thing recently and Particle X is a rather unique attempt by the folks at Space Jam.


I have no idea what a “parsec” is but I’m guessing it has something to do with outer space stuff. Anyways, I’m not gonna say “it will take you to a magical tropical island…” and all that jazz, but if you like creamy mangos and oranges, Parsec just might end up becoming your all day vape.

This happened to be one of my favorites, although I don’t know if I would vape it all day long. The fruit flavors on Parsec are a little bit more believable to me, and the cream compliments them well. Like Pluto, this flavor will leave a very strong taste in your tank until you rinse it out.


I’m not into tobacco flavors and as soon as I smelled this one, I knew it was one of them. I’ll admit Eclipse does have a very realistic tobacco smell, not cigarettes, but raw tobacco leaves. The flavoring is of sweet Cavendish tobacco combined with vanilla bean. Let’s see what’s up…

Okay, considering I don’t even like tobacco flavors, this one is not terrible. It isn’t too sweet, which is something that I’m always cautious of. If you love the taste of tobacco, then you might love this flavor. It has almost a caramelized taste to it, combined with a little bit of fresh vanilla.

Eclipse is very smooth for a tobacco vape, however it still delivers a nice throat hit. I could see myself vaping this stuff in an e-pipe if I was attending a fancy event and wanted to be classy.

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