There are various reasons to vape covertly, and with vaping becoming ever-more popular, the spotlight is being turned upon us more and more.

Public Opinion – The crackdown on vaping in Europe and America has damaged public opinion of vaping. Despite being many times safer than smoking tobacco, many ill-informed people now believe vaping is a threat to public health. Stealth vaping techniques can help us avoid altercations with people who believe the misinformation spouted by anti-vaping advocates.

Subtle Vaping – Maybe you just want to be discreet about your vaping. Blowing huge clouds can be inappropriate and attract unwanted attention. Most experienced vapers are used to being quizzed about our vape gear when out in public, and sometimes we just want to get on with our day!

Avoid Temptation – More seriously, some workplaces make vapers share the same space as smokers. This is a direct conflict with one of the main benefits of vaping, forcing us to inhale dangerous secondhand tobacco smoke and contend with peer pressure. This is particularly serious when it comes to new vapers, who need to avoid temptation in those delicate early months. If you can vape unnoticed, far away from smokers, this can help a lot when it comes to kicking the habit.

Respectful – Vaping can be distracting in certain situations, such as cinemas or restaurants. No one wants to see a huge plume of vapour cover the screen when watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster. However, if you can vape without anyone noticing, you’ll get your nicotine hit without anyone taking offence.

Smoke Alarms – It isn’t just about hiding your stealth vape from other people. It’s widely known that vaping can set off certain types of smoke alarms. Stealth vaping reduces the risk of this happening by minimising the production of vapour.

Right To Vape – An unfortunate side effect of the current swathe of legislation is the proliferation of vaping bans for no justifiable reason. Stealth e-cig vapour dissipates quickly, and unlike cigarettes, there is no risk from secondhand vapour or fire, so there comes a point when our personal right to vape takes precedence over such irrational restrictions. This doesn’t mean breaking the law, but merely staying under the radar.

Spurious Restrictions – A common response from places that have implemented vaping bans is that “they look like normal cigarettes” and therefore can’t be told apart by staff and encourages smokers. Many vapers feel this is a flimsy excuse, and the mere fact that an item resembles something else does not justify an outright ban.

Second-hand Vapour – A common complaint from non-vapers is about second-hand vapour. Despite an official report from the UK government showing there is practically zero risk, it can be useful to reduce, or even eradicate, any visible signs of vapour in certain situations to avoid unwanted hassle.

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