For the first time, the annual quit-smoking campaign Stoptober is suggesting that smokers use e-cigarettes. Public Health England (PHE) launched Stoptober in 2012.

Stoptober begins Oct. 1 and runs for 28 days. According to PHE, “Stoptober has driven over 1 million quit attempts to date and is the biggest mass quit attempt in the country. It is based on research that shows that if you can stop smoking for 28-days, you are five times more likely to stay smokefree for good.”

Unlike the United States, British public health agencies have been resoundlingly pro-vaping in recent years. PHE published its landmark report “E-cigarettes: an evidence update” in 2015. Since that time, a majority of public health agencies in the country have accepted vaping as a safer alternative for smokers.

Among the sponsors of this year’s Stoptober event is the Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA), a U.K. vape business organization whose members include Liberty Flights, Totally Wicked, and JAC Vapour.

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