How often do you watch the football and see a manager vaping as he watches his team play? Not very often, is the answer – and perhaps that’s why Paul Doswell hit the headlines earlier this year when he pulled out his electronic cigarette and started vaping during an FA Cup match.

The ‘drama’ occurred during a third-round match between Sutton United and AFC Wimbledon. Plenty of people had an opinion about his actions. Some supported him while others were just amazed he was seen doing it. Better than smoking, surely? (Although that would have been banned.) A few thought he shouldn’t have done it at all.

The chairman of the club confirmed Paul Doswell sponsored the club and wasn’t paid anything to be their manager. So, perhaps he felt he had every right to vape while he was there supporting his team.

Doswell was spotted vaping in the televised match, so it was no surprise to come across comments on social media sites and even in the news relating to the event. But perhaps it shows us how much vaping has permeated into our society. It is becoming more common to see people vaping in the street, and in places where smoking is not allowed. More and more, we are seeing famous people vaping at awards ceremonies, so it was maybe only a matter of time before someone started doing it during a football match.

Do you think Paul Doswell had every right to vape while at the club, seeing as he supports it financially every year and manages it for free? Do you think we’ll start seeing other managers doing the same thing? Or do you think there is a time and a place for vaping, and the sidelines of an FA Cup match aren’t those?

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